Do you already have existing finance on your current car? Don’t worry we can help!

At Parc Lane Cars, we are not only dedicated but passionate about making the buying process as straightforward and stress-free as possible. Finance is no exception and it is with this philosophy that we have constructed a versatile finance portfolio, allowing us to offer our customers as many options as they require when funding their new vehicles. 

We currently work alongside a vast array of finance companies and will spend all the time necessary constructing plans that fit all requirements and budgets. Whether it be Hire Purchase (HP) or Personal Contract Purchase (PCP), Parc Lane Cars can provide competitive rates and bespoke services to alleviate any undue stress that can arise when purchasing a car.  

For speed and discretion, we also offer a remote finance service built into to our online stocklist. This allows you to adjust your own finance package and make an application online, where, if accepted, finance can be completed in only fifteen minutes!

Furthermore, we will handle all the paperwork ourselves so that you don't have to, as well as processing existing finance, cherished transfers, warranty extensions and service plans.

Monthly payment examples are on all of our vehicle adverts. Find your vehicle of choice and scroll down for a finance example. If you like the payment, apply online!

The below videos give great explanations of the most common finance options, Hire Purchase (HP) and Personal Contract Purcahse (PCP). Understanding finance better can help you save money and potentially change your car more often.